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5 Examples of Luxury Wall Art for the Ages

Luxury wall art for the ages

Luxury wall art comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether you gravitate toward brass, mirrors or paintings, your home’s interior design showcases your unique style.

The art adorning your walls speaks to who you are as a person, as a family member, a bachelor or well-traveled person of culture. You collect art because it calls to you and reveals a hidden nature within yourself that yearns to express itself. 

Different Kinds of Collectors

There are people who collect only one style of art. Some gravitate toward Japanese ink prints, imported straight from the source. Or, there are those who only want to use a gold motif throughout their home. They do this by installing floor-length engravings or only using frames featuring gold leaf. 

This brings us to the matter of style. Taste and style. What is style? Whether you know it or not, everyone has their own style. When your style is reflected in your living space, you feel more comfortable; you’re more at ease sipping from a hi-ball at the end of a long day and looking around the room, never without something new and interesting to catch your eye and intrigue you with stories of far away lands… 

Looking to elevate your space, but unsure where to start? Here are five examples of luxury wall art to inspire you:

1. Brass Buttons

Brass buttons luxury wall art

Brass is ageless. This timeless material brings out the warrior inside. The otherworldly size of these brass buttons liken them to gongs or shields when perfectly placed upon the wall. You’ll never look at a button the same, once you’ve seen them up close while idling ‘round your room on a Sunday morning.

2. Reclaimed Discs

Unearthed discs luxury wall art from Habitation Furnishing + Design

The weathered discs upon the wall seem to have unearthed themselves to hang proud upon the wall of the clubroom featured at The Gates project. They lend a striking contrast between the Southern seatbacks and velvet bottom cushion of the dining area in this beautiful modern design.

3. Stealing Sunlight

Tuscan mirror wall art inspiration

This Tuscan-inspired mirror wall is perfect for a dining room or entry wall, reflecting natural light throughout the space. The antiqued silver lends an elegant touch to your veritable haven. Show off your refined taste with this fresh take on mirror arrangements.

4. Warped Perspective

Sophisticated desk metal wall art wheels

This traditional Chinese style piece is fashioned from burnished metal into one large unit and displays intricate shadows on a wall with perspective-warping light provided by a pair of mid-century western-style table lamps. Luxury wall art of this caliber is certain to be a conversation-starter throughout home tours and family gatherings.

5. Artist Commissions

John Gerber artist in residence modern luxury high-end painting

This luxury wall art created by The District’s own John Gerber, resident artist here at Habitation, features neutral colors and a striking design that enlivens sophisticated meeting places, cafes and living quarters alike. 

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