Habitation™ Design Wedding Registry

The Problem

Everyone has a blender. Few newlyweds are truly in need of formal silverware. Why not throw the old way of wedding registry out the door and get something you really do want and need: furniture and home décor.

The Solution

Congratulations on your engagement! Let’s start your lives together in style. Begin by joining us at Habitation Furnishing + Design, just outside Minneapolis, for a glass of champagne and a walk around our showroom. Our free on-site interior design staff can leverage our state-of-the-art design center to help you create a tremendous space to start your life together. Use our multi-screen display to see special order products in actual size or our complimentary interior-design software to visualize your new lives together. Not interested in the full, complimentary design program? No problem. Our program works for something as simple as a single sofa, too. The scale of the program is up to you. Regardless, the champagne is still on us and your home gets all the perks!

Crowd Funding Your New Home

Once you’ve selected the items you’d like to register for, and created an order of importance of those items, Habitation™ will start an account for each piece. Guests can contribute in increments of $50, to the individual purchase of any item or the “registry kitty” which can be directed to any item of your choosing. If you don’t happen to receive full funding on a particular piece, just allocate money from the kitty and the problem is solved.

How do I get the word out?

Letting your guests know where you’re registered is a tricky business. Why not let Habitation™ do it for you? Have a snail mail list? Forward it to Habitation™ and let us send out tasteful, personalized post cards to your guests letting them know about your decision to register your new furniture with us. Email list? We can send notifications electronically as well. Either way, there’s no cost to you and each of your guests will be invited to browse our collection, will receive a 10% discount coupon, and a free gift just for coming in. They can also request an electronic list of items you’ve selected so that they can review the options and make a contribution without even coming into the showroom.

What if I don’t get everything I wanted paid for?

It’s rare that a wedding registry ever gets completely checked-off. As such, Habitation™ has built a great deal of flexibility into the Wedding Registration program. Items that did not receive full funding can be cancelled and contributions redirected to other items higher on your priority list. Habitation™ also offers registry clients free, 6 month layaway so you can pay off the balance on your own, over time. Need an unfunded item quickly? Habitation™ offers in-store credit options that will allow you to buy today, and pay tomorrow.

At Habitation™, we help you build your home, simply and stylishly. Whether our design professionals