The Habitation™ Art Buy Back Program

What is the Art Buy Back Program? Simply this: buy any piece of wall art and return it, in its original condition, at any point, and get an 80% store credit toward a new piece. Over a lifetime, tastes, styles and budgets change.  The reason doesn’t matter – Habitation has your walls covered!

Where do we find our art?

We Support local art. Minneapolis has one of the most vibrant art scenes in the country.  And Habitation loves to give the unseen artist a venue to showcase their talents.  We embrace up-and-coming talent and relish the role of conduit between our clients and our local art community.

We also find pieces through the Left Bank Art partnership.  Left Bank offers over 8,000 selections of specially curated pieces, in countless finishes, forms and frames. Updated seasonally, Left Bank ensures the availability of the latest trends and styles of new and acclaimed talents.